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CB Page Last Updated:  July 3, 2009

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All links have been tested working as of January 8, 2008.

This site is currently undergoing a major restructuring (in the background). I am in the process of transitioning from FrontPage to Dreamweaver. I'm hoping that this will make a positive impact on both your experience here, as well as my ability to make the site more user-friendly and easier and faster to edit. Look for some major changes to be taking place in the future.

Latest addition: FREE Classified Ads!
Place your ad(s) for CB and Scanner related items you are trying to sell in my free classified listings.  All ads will remain online for 60-days before they are automatically removed.  (Link is below)

Check out my "Mobile Scanning in Michigan" page for updates to a long-awaited Scanner Law change...

Time has NOT been on my side lately, or for quite a while for that matter!  We had a new addition to the family back in Dec. 2005.  That is where ALL of my spare time has been going.  Sorry folks, I'll get to things whenever I can!  Thanks to all the regulars who have been sticking around!

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If you have a CB Site of your own, a link from your site to mine would always be appreciated!  Just be sure to link to the main (!THIS!) page or the opening page only.  Also, if your site could use some more traffic, don't be afraid to ask me to put a link up to it.  After all, that is what the internet is all about...

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I've got a NEW Guest Book!  Well, not exactly.  This has to be the MOST appropriate Guest Book ever designed for this type of web site!  It's PowerHouse's DX Map!  Stop in and add your pin to the map today!

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For the Convenience of my Visitors...

My own Radio Tune-Up Pages
Featuring:  Power, Modulation, and RF Adjustments

Most of them are already up in the PLL look-up section, and the Radio look-up section is underway as well.  This has been taking me a LOT longer than I had first anticipated.  Thanks for the patience!

PowerHouse's Tune-up Pages

Look Up By:

Radio Type
PLL Type

Yes, I know, it's still not finished!

Here's a fun little page... CB SLANGuage

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